Beat the Winter Blues: Skincare Tips for a Radiant Glow

Beat the Winter Blues: Skincare Tips for a Radiant Glow

Winter is now truly among us in Canterbury, Christchurch, with its sub-zero temperatures, freezing rains, and chilly winds. These cold mornings put our skin at risk, not just from the freezing temperatures but also from the drop in humidity. 


This lack of moisture in the air can lead to dry, flaky skin. Not only is the air drier, but the change between the outdoor chill and the indoor heat causes rapid changes in body temperature. 


You may notice this difference after a cold day outdoors, stepping into a warm shower or airconditioned room. The rapid temperature shift can lead to swelling of the skin or redness, particularly in the extremities of the body, such as the fingers and toes.


While the best advice we can give stepping outdoors is to wrap up warm, there are a few extra tips you can follow to protect your skin and give it the necessary protection that it’s missing during the colder season.


But firstly, some science.

When the temperature decreases continuously, our blood vessels naturally constrict in an effort to conserve heat. This construction of the vessels means less blood flows to the skin. Our blood carries not only oxygen but all the nutrients and other vital building materials our skin needs to reach optimum health. This leads to a duller, drier looking appearence.


When skin dries out too, it loses its effectiveness as a barrier to allergies, irritants and even infections. This is why, in winter, your skin may become more irritable, because the skin’s moisture barrier is down, resulting in less weather-resistant skin.


What to do about your skin. 

The best practice is to keep yourself wrapped up warm but also to increase your moisturising routine. The shift in moisture content is usually a result of either extremes in summer or winter. In summer, the heat causes loss of moisture through perspiration and moisture loss, but generally, the air is more humid. In winter, it's the exact opposite — the skin is less likely to perspire, but the cold weather and dry air can cause your skin to dry out quicker.


This is particularly true if you’re living in areas like Christchurch in the South Island — where, luckily, you have the professional team at The Beauty Parlour to take care of your skin needs! Plus, The Beauty Parlour online for all your favourite skincare products, including moisturisers, cleansers and more. Here are the recommended winter care products that will help your skin during the colder months:



Aspect Super Moisturising Complex


This super moisturiser provides extra nourishment for dry or dehydrated skin with its nourishing blend of Squalene, Glycerin and Aloe Vera. The combination helps bind moisture to the skin, which is super helpful when heading outdoors into the chill air. 

Aspect Super Moisturising Complex is also proven to help with wrinkles and fine lines and deliver antioxidants such as Vitamins C & E.

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Janesce Re-Energising Skin Dew


If you’re looking for an enlivening, energising spray that helps revitalise and hydrate your skin, the Janesce range has some amazing products. There’s a reason we’re in love with everything, Janese at The Beauty Parlour!


This mist, which also has anti-ageing properties, is most effective for women in the 45+ range who want to help protect their skin in general and especially in the harsher winter climate. This mist spray includes lavender, rose, grapeseed, sage, ginseng, and lemon myrtle for anti-oxidant support. 

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Janesce Refreshing Soaking Drops
These soaking drops, with their blend of citrus essential oils, are perfect for getting more out of your daily soak or facial wash. Adding a few drops to a basin of warm water can help with oily skin and revitalise you for the day ahead.
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Pure Fiji Hand Creme

The hands are often the most exposed to the elements during winter and suffer the most from the cold. The smaller capillaries in the fingers mean restricted blood flow, which can lead to swelling in warmer temperatures. Plus, our hands and fingers tend to dry out quicker than any other body part, so they typically need extra moisturising. 


At The Beauty Parlour, we stock a range of incredible, nourishing hand creams in the Pure Fiji range, helping lock moisture into the skin and leave the hands feeling soft and silky smooth. Enriched with fresh coconut milk, our moisturisers include antioxidants and Vitamins A, B., C and E, which directly help hydrate the hands and nails.


Our hand creams come in mango, lime & blossom, coconut and noni, which you can find on our online store.


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Unsure what your skin needs?

See our team at The Beauty Parlour for a skin consultation or to talk to us about any of the products we use, including the Aspect and Janesce range. You can always book a time Tuesday to Saturday to talk to our specialists or to schedule one of our treatments.


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