Gifting beauty: The best deals for pampering your loved ones

Gifting beauty: The best deals for pampering your loved ones

Getting someone a gift they actually want is tricky. Maybe you’ve seen the perfect item in the shops, only to find they have one already. Or you’ve seen the dress that they’ll love but have no way to see if it’ll fit without arousing suspicions.

Getting around this problem can be stressful, particularly when you want to get that certain someone something that’s just right. This is why getting them an experience, not another physical gift, can be the shopping saviour you need.

Shopping for beauty. The gift voucher is the mecca for holiday gifting. For one, it shows that you know them and care while giving them the freedom to pick and choose. But it also forces them to spend that money on themselves — something they might never do otherwise. A gift voucher is a personal way of saying, ‘you deserve this time, so I’m forcing you to take it for yourself.


The gift of beauty and relaxation.

If you’re looking to select a gift (and get it to them before Christmas), you can’t go wrong with thinking beauty. There’s always something that your loved ones would like to get done professionally; whether it’s their eyebrows, nails or a full beauty treatment they’ve only ever dreamed of getting before.

Below are some of the hottest treatments that people are loving right now.

Lashes and henna brows.

It’s common for those with shorter or finer eyelashes to want that lush, full, glossy look that stares out at you from Metropol Magazine. A full lash tinting or shaping treatment can give your eyelashes those delicious curls that make for fantastic lashes, highlighting the eyes. Tinting can also give the appearance of fuller lashes by going a shade darker, giving your eyelashes more permanence than fake stick-on. 

Henna brows perform a similar trick for your eyebrows, giving you more expressive eyebrows. ‘Henna’ refers to a dye made from the plant Lawsonia inermis, originating from Ancient Egypt. Used in India as a natural, skin-friendly dye during the pre-wedding mehndi party, henna works wonders on the brows, giving them a natural, long-lasting tint. Further shaping creates definition in the brows, removing stray hairs and creating the perfect eyebrow arch. A hybrid stain method is also another option, including both tinting and Henna brows.

Massage and facial.

For dealing with the holiday stress, nothing beats a back and shoulder massage. Concentrating on the key sore areas, specific oils help release tension and soothe sore muscles, getting rid of knots or bunched muscles. A massage is the perfect way to relax over the holidays, but if you have a further medical complaint that needs serious attention, we recommend seeing a licensed chiropractor. But for sheer relaxing indulgence, a beauty therapist can help!

At The Beauty Parlour, we like to combine our massages with facial treatments, helping boost cell regeneration and promoting collagen production in the face. It’s our ‘feel good, look younger’ treatment that helps improve the blood circulation around the body and face. 

The facial and massage are accompanied by our selection of beauty products, including our line of Pure Fiji.

Fantastic nails.

There’s nothing quite so nice as having your nails done for you. A mani or pedi isn’t just about the finish but about feeling special, too. At The Beauty Parlor, we like to go an extra step further, offering exfoliating sugar scrubs and hydration masks for your hands and feet. We also offer builder gel, for fantastic-looking nails.

There are two main types when it comes to nails; acrylic and gel. Acrylic nails are formed using a combination of liquid monomer and powder polymers applied to the natural nail bed. These can then be shaped and finished as desired. 

Gel nails use a soft overlay that protects the nail underneath. Neither technique is inherently better, although acrylic nails can give you longer extensions, while gel nails are better at protecting the nails you do have, resisting chips or breaks.

Dermaplanning and microchanneling.

If the person you’re buying for has always thought about having work done but doesn’t like the idea of nasty side effects, these natural methods are amazing at promoting healthier, younger-looking skin. And they do this by using the body’s own amazing healing process with a little outside assistance.


Dermaplanning is a method of removing the outermost layer of skin, the epidermis, which is where all the fine hair or ‘peach fuzz’, dirt and grease collects. If this sounds painful, it really isn’t — your epidermis is an incredibly thin layer of skin that normally sheds over a month or two. Over time, though, that process becomes hampered by imperfections in the skin. Removing that layer where dirt and wrinkles form allows newer, healthier skin to regrow and makes for a brighter, younger look.

Microchanelling is the next step in the beauty process. Using very fine needles that you barely feel, the process applies ‘micro’ injuries to the epidermis. The skin is then tasked with repairing itself, assisted by a serum which uses stem cells from bone marrow to promote growth in the body's cells. The process results in a deeper, longer-lasting transformation, which can reduce puffiness around the face and heal scar tissue. You can find more about the process in our other blog here.

It’s the thought that counts.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what treatment you had in mind. With a gift voucher, your loved one can choose something that will make them smile. Seeing a real transformation in yourself, or just getting the space to relax and be pampered, is what really makes this such a terrific gifting option.

You can choose your gift card amount on our website, where you can choose between physical or e-vouchers. We also include the option to drop in a special little message to make your voucher feel more personal. Check out our voucher options here.




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