Should you opt for a spray tan this summer?

Should you opt for a spray tan this summer?

An enviable, flawless skin tone — it’s what we all want, but how far would you go to get one? Is achieving perfect, sun-kissed skin worth the risks, or is there a better way to get that summer look without burning in the heat?

In this blog, we’ll compare sun tanning options and explore whether getting a spray tan is worth all the hype.


Take your tan outdoors.

The easiest (and most cost-effective) way of achieving a sun tan is basking in the natural sunlight — easier said than done in New Zealand’s unpredictable South Island weather, where the sun disappears nine months of the year! 

However, going for a natural sun tanning look runs its own risk. New Zealand, in particular, lies under a sizable ozone hole due to our global position and the presence of long-lived chemicals that get caught in our atmosphere. These chemicals, including CFCs and halogen-sourced gases, become trapped in the ice in Antarctica and are released during the seasonal springtime. 

So, despite New Zealand’s best environmental efforts, a large hole still appears in the ozone above our country, letting in harmful UV rays, which can cause sunburns, wrinkling, heat rash, premature ageing, skin dehydration, melanoma and other skin cancers. 


How to tan outdoors.

That said, there’s no fun in a life spent indoors! If you’re looking to head to the beach or make the most of the last few weeks of summer, then it’s crucial that you apply sunscreen with an SPF rating of at least 30. This won’t prevent your skin from tanning but will lower the risk of you burning, particularly if you’re in the sun for long periods of time. Reducing the time you spend outside, reapplying sunscreen and seeking shade when the weather gets too warm will help prevent prolonged exposure and burns.

There are also plenty of benefits in getting vitamin D, especially for your skin’s health. However, getting your daily dose of sun can be achieved in any weather. 


Sun tanning beds.

Sometimes, the sun just can’t deliver that all-over gorgeous sun tan look that stars like Jessica Alba flawlessly display (and spoiler alert; she uses spray tan!) Tanning beds are a popular option for a controlled tan look, giving you more immediate results (and without the risk of indecent exposure!)

However, tanning beds are even riskier for your skin. Studies even show that heavy tanning can injure your DNA, resulting in permanent skin damage! Under a tanning bed, your skin is exposed to far more UV damage, resulting in squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma and melanoma cancers. 

Tanning will also speed up skin ageing, resulting in wrinkles, spots and loss of skin firmness, resulting in leathery, dry skin. These effects accumulate over time, which is typically why those with outdoor jobs tend, on average, to look older. Repeat exposure to sunlight, particularly without any preventative measures, results in irreversible skin damage.


Spray tanning your skin.

With all the risks involved with UV-related tanning, it’s not surprising that more and more people turn to spray tanning for incredible-looking, radiant skin. By comparison, spray tanning is a harmless form of tanning that doesn’t involve any dangerous UV-light treatment. It also offers instant results that last for weeks without reapplication. 

At The Beauty Parlour, we use 100% Certified Organic DHA, which is much safer than synthetic DHA, which can cause some lung and breathing issues. Using the finest grade of Black Magic spray, we can achieve a natural-looking colour that not only compliments your skin tone but delivers skin soothing and anti-ageing properties as well.

Spray tanning works by covering the body or target areas with the spray and then leaving it for a few hours, depending on the shade of skin tone you’re after. 


Booking your spray tanning session. 

If you’re looking for an all-over tan or just a top-up, see us in-store. We offer full body spray tanning, touch-ups or tanning for select areas. You can book in your appointment here or come in to see us at The Beauty Parlour at our store at 205 Fendalton Road.

Please moisturise your skin the night before for optimal results. Avoid using deodorants, moisturisers or perfumes, as they block the skin’s pores and can result in an uneven tan. 



Tanning at home.

While tanning may not give you quite the same all-over body look at home, you can achieve a similar sun-kissed complexion with a bottle of Black Magic Mousse. Perfect for achieving an instant natural tan, the Black Magic series includes a bronzing and hydration water spray, application brush, facial tanner and remover. You can find out more by heading to our shop online.



While a little sun is good for your skin, prolonged exposure to UV rays, with the express intention of achieving a heavy tan, can cause skin complications later on in life. Make sure to protect yourself if you’re heading out to the beach or just enjoying a day outdoors. 

Tanning beds involve concentrated UV light and may even be more damaging than sitting unprotected in the sun. Most tanning oils alone won’t prevent UV rays damage and skin cancers from forming. 

So, if you’re looking for a safe, skin-friendly way to achieve that bronzed look, we recommend using a spray tan instead, either from a beauty parlour or at home. It’s much safer, easier, and less impactful on your skin, ensuring that it stays looking gorgeous for longer.

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