The Beauty Parlour | Winter Skincare

The Beauty Parlour | Winter Skincare

Winter is just around the corner, but the chill has already arrived in the Southern Hemisphere. Days have gotten much shorter, and the last of gorgeous Spring skies has graced the air. 

Although it’s not everyone’s favourite season (especially if you’re a Summer lover), Winter is not without its charm. So maybe you can’t soak in the sun — but there are plenty of ways to look after your skin and give it that same beautiful glow. 

Here, in this guide, we’ll talk tips and tricks for caring for your skin during the Winter months.

Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean your skin can’t dry out. With the frosty winter air outside and the heat pump blaring inside, your skin will switch between temperature extremes, leading to dry, flaky skin, sometimes accompanied by swelling. Moisturising your skin is a great way to revitalize and create a barrier between the skin itself and outside temperatures. 


We recommend switching to an oil-based moisturiser during the winter months, especially on exposed parts of your skin and body. Aspect Super Moisturising Complex delivers extra nourishment and hydration, producing soft, smooth skin. By regulating skin hydration, Aspect improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and uses fruit cell culture extract, vitamins, and aloe vera for that lovely, smooth feel. 

You can find the Aspect Super Moisturising Complex in our store online, along with other products in the Aspect range.


Facial cleanser
If you’re looking for other ways to help your skin exfoliate this season, the Aspect Clean Facial Cleanser offers healthy skin hydration, benefits oily complexions, and removes makeup, dead skin cells, and grime.
During the colder months, skin cells die off at a faster rate, which leads to drier, duller-looking skin. This collects grime
and can make skin clogged and dirty with blocked pores.


A brief cleansing session can restore your skin, making it easier to apply make-up products and maintain basic skincare. 

You can find the Aspect Clean Facial Cleanser in our store online.


The lips are often the first to dry out, regardless of the season. So, keeping your lips from cracking on chill mornings can require a little additional care.
Pure Fiji releases some excellent products for skin care and massage oils, and their Pure Fiji Nourishing Lip Balm is no exception — especially when it’s flavored like a Pina Colada!


Using fresh coconut milk, beeswax and dilo, macadamia, and caster oil, this tropical blend will leave your lips on another continent. These natural blends help moisturise your skin, penetrating on a deeper level to clear pours, nourish the skin, and avoid lip wrinkling. 

If you’re after subtle, soft lips, try our Pure Fiji Nourishing Lip Balm online.


Face Masks
Winter can be particularly harsh on the face. Exposure to the elements can restrict the blood vessels, leading to paler, duller skin. A facial can help restore a radiant complexion, visibly re-energizing and brightening the skin whilst restoring needed vitamins A, B5, C, and E, The Fruit Enzyme Mask is the perfect winter pick-me-up—an exfoliating mask that uses natural ingredients, including pineapple, grapefruit, pomegranate, acai berry, and cranberry. Packed with rich enzymes and coffee extract, this facial mask helps brighten the complexion and provides antioxidant protection for a more radiant look, no matter the weather.


You can try the Aspect Fruit Enzyme Mask for yourself on our online store.

Shower gel
If you’re looking for the perfect moisturising shower gel to switch to for the winter months, Pure Fiji White Gingerlily Shower Gel offers incredible hydration without stripping the skin’s natural oils. Using natural cleansers derived from coconut and sugar cane, Pure Fiji gently exfoliates and brightens the skin, preventing dryness and skin irritation. 


High in Omega 2, 6, 7, and 9, plus antioxidants and vitamins A, B, C, and E, this moisturising shower gel is perfect for clearing away skin imperatives and leaving you with a brighter, fresher look for the winter season.

See The Beauty Parlour online store for more information on Fiji White Gingerlily Shower Gel or any of the Pure Fiji lines.


Spray tanning
Winter means a loss in natural vitamin D and UVA radiation,
which triggers the skin to produce melanin. Without the sun,
our bodies naturally produce less melanin, resulting in paler-looking
skin. Vitamin D can be taken as a pill or drops to help
the body replace calcium and phosphorus.
But UVA rays
are harder to absorb safely. Even under natural sunlight, too much radiation can lead to sunburn or cancerous
growths. Tanning beds release roughly 12 times as much UVA light as the sun, making them far more dangerous.

Black Magic spray tanning uses 100% Certified Organic DHA, a natural body spray tan that gives you that gorgeous sunkissed look without any UVA damage. Black Magic also smells delicious — it uses aloe vera and green tea extract.

Book your spray tan session with The Beauty Parlour here.

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