The gut-skin connection: how to promote better skin health from within

The gut-skin connection: how to promote better skin health from within

When it comes to your body, your gut is the connecting factor that decides the health of many different organs. Including the most important organ that protects all the others — your skin.

Our gut microbiome refers to the microorganisms in our digestive tract, including bacteria, which help us break down and digest our food. These broken-down foods become sugars (glucose), amino acids (protein), or fatty acids. These nutrients are then carried throughout the body to nourish individual cells and provide them with chemical energy.

So what we eat very much fuels the health of all our cells. But our gut is far from a perfect organ and can become easily imbalanced by intake of certain foods, drugs or alcohol. Moreover, even when our gut feels healthy, our skin can show signs of cystic acne, rosacea, eczema, rashes, blackheads or other problems. The good news is there are a number of ways these skin-related conditions can be treated, both through the gut and the skin.

Bestow Gut Love


Suppliments are an everyday part of life — we take them for exercise routrines, for better sleep or deficiencies in iron. Treating skin conditions like those listed can also be helped by using supplements that treat the gut, addressing imbalances that lead to inflamed or lacklustre skin.


Gut Love helps support a healthy digestive system, using BIOHM probiotics to readress the total gut microbiome and deliver good bacteria and fungi. The supplement also includes enzymes that help break down digestive plaque and fiber-rich superfoods which help eliminate skin-irritating toxins and hormones.

To find out more, check out Bestow Gut Health in our store, which is available in capsule and powered form.


Bestow Be Cleansed


If you’re experiencing more, eh, personal problems, Bestow Be Cleansed helps eliminate toxin build up in the digestive tract, ensuring toxins and waste hormones are eliminated from the body. This can help repair the gut wall and restore normal cut functions, which helps promote better skin health.

 Bestow Beauty Oils

If you’re looking for a product that will directly benefit your skin, then Bestow has a range of enriching, plant-based oils to help nourish, soften and enliven the skin, creating strong bonds that are less vulnerable to environmental irritants. These oils can also help deliver key vitamins and antioxidants needed for skin health, as well as hydrating and enhancing enzyme production — all necessary functions for promoting healthy, clear skin.


Bestow Beauty Oil and Bestow Beauty Plus Oil, in particular, help moisturise your skin on a cellular level, targeting the deepest level of the epidermis. Taken orally as a liquid, this treatment works through the digestive system, helping dissolve blockages and skin congestion. As this cell progresses to the upper layers of the skin, it releases these oils, creating plump, supple, smooth, glowing skin. This special oil also protects against spot outbreaks and provides a healing anti-inflammatory for the skin.


The Bestow Oil range can be taken by the spoonful or mixed in with your food, including smoothies, yoghurts or salads. These oils include natural ingredients that make them easy to swallow (and delicious, too)!

You can see our full range of Bestow beauty oils here.


The Gut-Skin Connection Book.


If you’re looking for some extra guidance on improving your gut health and living a healthier lifestyle, The Gut-Skin Connection offers some insightful wisdom. Written by dermo-nutritionist and holistic skincare experts Janine Tait and Bestow Beauty director Sheryl Nicholson, The Gut-Skin Connection includes meal plans, recipes, daily planners and advice on how to improve gut health, including which foods are best for promoting inner health. 


As we head into the cold season, we recommend the Roast Pumpkin N Sweet Soup Potato Soup, a terrific vegan-friendly option to keep out the winter chill. The coconut milk used in the recipe helps prevent harmful microbes from forming in the gut and promotes healthy gut flora, while the root vegetables give the soup terrific flavour and supply great nutrients for skin health. 

You can find this special recipe (and more) by getting your own copy of The Gut-Skin Connection online.


Other skin treatments.


Treating your skin through your gut leads to a healthy, functioning system. Our gut is the natural ‘highway’ through which all nutrients are carried and distributed, which is why poor skin health can often be caused by gut imbalance. 

However, despite our best efforts, sometimes our skin can become blocked or overly oily in texture, leading to blackheads, spots, rashes or inflammation. These can be triggered by hormonal changes, although spots can persist throughout life, depending on your skin. As we age, too, our ability to supply the rest of the body with the nutrients and material they need also diminishes, which leads to fine lines and wrinkles.

Procell Microchanneling offers a minimally invasive procedure that targets the epidermis, creating ‘micro’ injuries that trigger the body’s natural healing process and releasing a natural serum which helps cell growth. You can find out more about dermaplanning and if it’s right for you, by checking out our other blog here.

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