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Alethia Refill Pack

Alethia Refill Pack

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Intelligence is the ultimate aphrodisiac. Looks may fade but there is nothing more powerful than a beautiful mind. Focus on capturing the kind of beauty that radiates from within with Aletheīa, the world’s first Internal Cosmetic engineered to support intelligence from the inside and the outside, breaking stereotypes to establish a new era of beauty.

Inspired by the movement to a plastic-free earth, we have launched an eco-friendly, 100% compostable refill pouch.
Single use plastic is now prohibited in many countries, and although Oxo-degradable plastic seems like a good option, it doesn’t actually degrade, but forms harmful micro-plastics.
Qt Eco-pouches are fully bio-degradable and compostable, leaving behind nothing but CO2, H2O and non-toxic bio-mass. Made from 3 layers; Sustainably sourced paper, Certified compostable foil, and Home compostable bio-plastic (made from non-consumption-grade potato and corn sugar), Qt pouches degrade by 90% within 180 days when exposed to heat, water, pressure and soil.
Simply refill your glass caddy, put your Qt Eco-pouch in your compost bin, wait for 26 weeks, and use the compost to grow your garden. Good for YOU & EARTH.


Good for YOU & Earth

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