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Aspect Eyelift 3

Aspect Eyelift 3

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Key benefits of Aspect Eyelift 3:

  • Multi-purpose eye treatment
  • Minimises the appearance of dark circles, fine lines, wrinkles, and puffiness
  • Smooths and softens skin texture
  • Brightens the eye contour
  • Infused with over 28 natural botanicals and antioxidants
  • Utilises amino-peptide technology
  • Suitable for all skin types

What are the main ingredients of Aspect Eyelift 3?

Aspect sources the highest-quality ingredients possible from the world's best pharmaceutical and bio-technology companies. Wherever possible, Aspect uses certified-organic ingredients free of pesticides, parabens, perfumes, and dyes.

The nourishing formula of Aspect Eyelift 3 is beneficial to any natural skin care regimen. This universal eye serum contains a groundbreaking blend of botanicals to hydrate and protect the delicate eye contour.

Infused with an impressive blend of over 28 natural botanicals, including the Australian Kakadu Plum and Goji and Acai Berries, this eye serum moisturises skin and provides ultimate antioxidant protection to boost your anti-aging routine.

How to use Aspect Eyelift 3:

  • Thoroughly cleanse and tone skin and pat dry.
  • Use an amount about the size of a pinhead.
  • Delicately pat into the eye contour and allow to absorb.
  • Follow with a face cream or lotion to lock in hydration.
  • Use in the morning, evening, or both.

Who should use Aspect Eyelift 3?

Aspect Eyelift 3 effectively fits into any beauty skin care regimen and can tackle any eye care skin concern. Whether you have youthful skin with dark circles, or aging skin with fine lines forming around the eye contour, Aspect Eyelift 3 can help rejuvenate your skin for a youthful and radiant complexion.

How does Aspect Eyelift 3 benefit an anti-aging skin care routine?

The skin on and around the eye contour is the most fragile on the face; hence, it’s the earliest to show signs of premature and advanced aging. By protecting your eyes with an antioxidant barrier and boosting hydration levels, you can make the eye contour look smoother, brighter, and free of aging fine lines and wrinkles. Aspect Eyelift 3 tackles all causes of aging around the eye contour and can be used alongside other anti-aging beauty products to keep skin youthful.


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