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Janesce Sensitive Dehydrated Concentrate

Janesce Sensitive Dehydrated Concentrate

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A potent plant-based concentrate with a hydrating and soothing effect for all skin types. This is our most popular concentrate. The soothing botanical blend helps to heal and strengthen dehydrated, dull, lack-lustre skin. It also offers an extra burst of hydration for healthy skin, taking it from good to glow!  


Nature's Feminiser


Nature's Anti-inflammatory


Nature's Balancer


Nature's Softener


Nature's Calmer


Nature's Cooler

Suitable For: all skin types.

How to Use:

  • Apply concentrate after soaking and misting the skin.
  • Drip two to three drops of concentrate into the palm of one hand, press hands together and then press into the face and neck area.
  • Immediately follow with moisturiser to seal the hydrating plant extracts into the skin.

Note: Janesce concentrates are safe to use quite close to the eye area.

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