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Procell Hair Aftercare Serum

Procell Hair Aftercare Serum

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Procell Hair Aftercare

15ML Vial (Contains Growth Factors)

Procell Therapies Hair Aftercare with Growth Factors is the ultimate solution for those looking to revive their hair and promote healthy growth. As we age, our hair cycle becomes shorter, leading to hair thinning and loss. But with our hair products, you can stimulate hair growth and turn those dormant follicles back on. 

Our hair products are specially formulated with 12 specific growth factors that target the Wnt cell signaling pathway - a crucial communication pathway that plays an integral role in hair follicle development and growth. By activating this pathway, our growth factors stimulate a regenerating effect, allowing hair follicles to grow larger in size and proliferation.

Without Wnt signaling, hair follicle genesis, function and phase transitioning is impossible. But with Procell Therapies Hair Aftercare with Growth Factors, you can take control and give your hair the boost it needs to get growing again. So why settle for thinning hair when you can have a full head of healthy hair? Try our hair aftercare today and experience the revitalizing benefits of our growth factor formula. 

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