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QT Beau

QT Beau

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Beaū has been specifically engineered to help men with:

  • Sign of ageing
  • Muscle repair and recovery
  • Hair and nail strength
  • Dull complexions
  • Blemishes
  • Joint pain and weak bone strength
  • Low libido and testosterone


At Qt we believe in complete transparency. Our premium grade formula is made up of:

Blackseed:  A nourishing botanical, rich in vitamins and minerals, including vitamins, A, B and C. Its antioxidant properties help to fight damaging free‑radicals, one of the main factors of the ageing process. Maintain skin elasticity and retain moisture essential for the absorption of collagen.

Marine & Bovine Collagen:  Clinically shown to counteract ageing skin. It reverses fine lines and wrinkles and increases muscle tone. Beaū contains only premium quality natural hydrolysed collagen peptides - the finest available (2000 Daltons)! By making collagen bio‑available in the body it stimulates cells to produce new collagen.

Maca:  Rich in protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals Maca is essential for maintaining stamina and libido. Rich in vitamin C, Maca helps the body to produce more collagen naturally, and its vitamin E and D content help to regulate collagen production.

Activated Charcoal:  Known to eliminate toxins and chemicals in the gut, it allows essential nutrients and collagen to be absorbed into the body, leading to a brighter complexion, and better vitality.

Vitamin C:  A potent antioxidant, essential for the protection of the skin from harmful free‑radicals. It allows optimum absorption of collagen and is a beautifying nutrient in Beaū.

You only get one skin, make it last.

For the best results, take Beaū with Encorē.

Sweetly flavoured with 100% natural mango extract.

Activated Charcoal and Blackseed ingredients provide a distinctive dark colour.

100% natural ingredients.

Gluten-free and dairy-free.

6 grams of collagen per 8 gram serve.

Each 240 g jar is a 30-day supply.


Each serving contains:

Marine Collagen 3035mg

Bovine Collagen 3066mg

Ascorbic Acid 468mg

Blackseed 44mg

Maca 200mg

Activated Charcoal 84mg

Citric Acid 123mg

Mango Flavour

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